neděle 24. února 2019

SOTA  Vartovna  OK-ZL-023

- after the very hard working week - the reward - SOTA trip on Vartovna  (outside a sunday lunch cooked by my wife... )

- in valleys without snow; on ridge about 20-30 cm snow cover; hard icy snow - good for walking

Destination of today's SOTA trip - Vartovna

- thanks to the broken display of the frequency counter I didn't know, where I should call CQ SOTA...  But the chaser found me  (on 7.039 MHz) - thanks!

středa 6. února 2019

Double Ski-SOTA 

- Beskydek (OK-ZL-040) and Rorytovo (OK-MO-020)
- holiday after a long long time (I was very busy last three months)
- frozen snow base with  the thin fresh snow = a few crashes and one broken pole  :-)
- nice day on the ski with SOTA - thank you for QSOs!